About Us

Just like the meaning of the name Ulka-Loka, namely Global Natural Resources, all of our products are made using precious materials from nature which are produced with a combination of traditional and modern techniques and technologies, resulting in the best quality with ethnic and modern designs, as well as contemporary designs.


Since 2019, Ulkaloka has been distributing various collections of unique items from the closest to the most distant neighborhoods that we could find. We also raise awareness for the environment by using basic materials that can be recycled and/or decomposed. We have a goal from the concept of the goods we produce, which is to have quality, both in design and materials that are durable or have the strength of all time.


Over the past few years, Ulkaloka has adopted a policy of sustainable business development. Cooperating with all local craftsmen, so that we have hundreds of attractive export quality products that are the desire for quality lifestyles to the selected products that we sell throughout the World.


Ulkaloka also works with several Marketplaces and is committed to providing the same price for each Marketplace. But not all collections contained on our website are available on other Marketplaces. In addition to unit purchases, we also serve wholesale purchases for all the products we produce, as well as after-purchase services in the form of product warranty, repair and maintenance.


Ulkaloka is the next level of modern shopping!